Handmade Shoes

... buy handmade shoes once, and you will never buy machine made again

Why Buy Handmade Shoes?

If you REALLY want to feel comfortable in your shoes, then you can't beat a good pair of handmade shoes. 

They say you should be prepared to spend  money on good shoes and a good bed - cos if you are not in one, you are in the other. It's a good point, but one that many people ignore - even those that spend money on a bed, often neglect their footwear.


One of leading shoe makers in the UK is Edward Green - check out this video for a really good insight into why handmade shes or boots are the best.


NB. Do not use the word 'cobbler' to describe a shoe maker - many will be offended, as cobblers were historically 'repairers' of shoes, a much less valued profession.


For a more glitzy look at how 'handmade' shoes are made, check out this video from the 'How its Made' show.